Client OnBoarding & Project Manager

Client onboarding is the process of bringing on a new client to your business. It’s your opportunity to build a relationship, address concerns, get the client up to speed and start the project on the right foot.

Client OnBoarding & Project Manager

A free project manager account

We can also give access to a free project manager account. It will help to manage the work easily by simply using that account without getting into many technicalities.

Unlimited team members on the project manager

The facility of unlimited team members on the project manager can also be added. It can be beneficial so that there is not much load on one person and work can be distributed among team members. More members mean more versatile work.

Automated bug Reporting on the Website

Bugs can be harmful to the website. This feature will give automatic bug reporting on the website and can prevent the website from damage.

Add multiple team members on the website.

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