Monthly Report

Would you like a monthly overview of how your website is doing, with recommendations for improvement? Our monthly website reports could be the solution you are looking for.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Website Management report

This aspect is very often underestimated by company management: the website is not updated because knowledge of HTML is required to do so, or it is updated by those who happen to be, sometimes entrusted to unqualified personnel, who are not very familiar with web communication and with some technological tools. We provide you monthly reports on how we are maintaining your websites.

Ranking Reports

We generate reports for the tasks performed in order to rank your websites. These reports contain every minute detail, how we did and what we did on the basis of your understandings. These reports are in simple language and use easy terminologies which are understood by everyone.

SEO Reports - only OnPage SEO Reports

On-page SEO is something that is considered to be the primary step in ranking your website. It lets Google know what keywords you are targeting and what is your audience etc. We develop reports in On-page SEO tasks monthly or bi-weekly in order to keep you in the loop about our activities related to that.

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is used to get analytics data from your site. For e.g. age, gender, organic top pages each and everything. We create these reports for our users so that they have a clear idea about who is visiting their website and when and how.

Google Search Console Report

Google Search Console is a collection of tools and reports that allow webmasters to monitor, manage and improve their sites. It is a web service provided free of charge by Google that provides you with information about your site and the people who visit it. Using Google Search Console (and the data provided) can greatly simplify the optimization of your site.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Reports

Creating social media pages and social signals is also an important step for ranking the website. We create those pages for you and then track the user’s activities from these pages on your websites by providing reports on a monthly basis. These can be used for CTA (Call To Action) to get more clicks and drive more traffic on your website.

Backlink Reports

Backlinks are created to increase the DA & DR of your website. We create quality backlinks that are useful and drive traffic to your website. You will receive monthly reports of Backlinks as we believe in keeping everything transparent.

Monthly Site Analytics Report

Monthly site analytics reports are also created to keep you informed about the stats of your website and make sure that everything is going as planned initially. We believe in generating reports that are useful and easily understandable by the clients, so as to keep them updated about our activities related to their websites.

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